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2018 Spring Tennessee Judicial Conference

2018 Spring Tennessee Judicial Conference, March 7, 2018, Montgomery Bell State Park

The Essentials of Business Valuation  For Tennessee Judges (Why are the Experts so Far Apart?)

Approximately 60 judges and chancellors from across the state of Tennessee were in attendance at Robert's session.

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Why Are Opposing Expert Values Different?

1) Normalizing Expense Adjustments
2) Weighting of Economic Income Streams
3) Weighting of Values in the Conclusion
4) Capitalization Rates/Multipliers
5) Discounts for Lack of Control & Marketability
6) Interpretations of the Law
7) Different Approaches/Methods
8) Different Time Periods
9) Information Availability to Each Side
10) Not Considering Actual Arm’s-Length Transactions in the Subject Company Stock
11) Reliance on Bad Market Approach Multiples

2017 Southeastern Forensic & Valuation Services Conference October 25, 2017

Tennessee Cases You Need to Know in Divorce Business Valuation

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Presenting at the 2015 NACVA Conference in New Orleans >>>

A Hands-On Workshop for Starting and Completing A Personal Injury Economic Damages Analysis 

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A few presentations made for CPA and attorney continuing education classes that explain some of our procedures and processes.

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So You Want to Be a Forensic CPA?

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Navigating Complex Asset Cases in Divorce with Practical Forensic Accounting Solutions

Business Valuation in a Tennessee Divorce: A Case Study Using a Professional Practice (Personal &. Enterprise Goodwill Allocation)

What is Forensic Accounting and Will it Help My Case?

Analyzing Wrongful Death Economic Damages

Mock Deposition for a Business Valuation Engagement

Business Valuation–Dissecting Closely Held Entities

<<< Robert and Miles Mason Speaking to the TSCPA in 2013