Vance was a Featured Speaker at the 2019 NACVA Annual Consultants' Conference

June 10th, 2019

Robert Vance was a Featured Speaker at The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) 2019 Annual Consultants' Conference held in Salt Lake City, UT June 6-8, 2019. Robert's two hour session was entitled "The Good, The Bad and the Unusual - A Workshop on Complex Forensic Accounting Applications."The workshop explored unusual and complex forensic accounting and business valuation cases in the domestic law area and the problem resolutions employed including testimony given and issues encountered before and at trial.

Topics included an in-depth analysis of the 22019 Tennessee Appellate divorce cases, Lucchesi and Tarver, wherein Robert was the forensic expert witness and the importance of having thorough and detailed analysis and testimony at trial was solidified. Vance explained methods used at trial in Lucchesi including valuing a business at date of marriage 20 years in the past, whether or not to use a Calculation Engagement report at trial and the ramifications of a party not disclosing $950,000 of marital assets found by the forensic expert. Another important ruling of the Appellate Court in Lucchesi that Robert detailed included the allowance of using the original cost of an investment asset and/or the county property assessor's appraisal value of real estate when the opposing party does not counter with proof. In Tarver, Vance illustrated proving ownership of real property as marital and not separate and the husband's true income for support purposes complicated by a complicate company owner (his father).

Other areas covered included various complex issues involving valuing executive compensation packages for public company executives and proving true income for support purposes by exposing and documenting personal expenses paid by the owner's closely-held corporation.

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