Vance is Lead-Off Speaker at the TN Society of CPAs 2020 Southeastern Forensic & Valuation Services Conference on October 19, 2020

October 14th, 2020

Vance will present a two hour session entitled "Expert Witness Testimony Tips and Traps with Video Demonstrations". The 2020 conference will be held virtually. The presentation features video from an evidentiary deposition Vance gave in 2019 for a personal injury loss of earning capacity economic damages case that will illustrate many of the following topics:

  • Skills Required to be an Expert Witness
  • Tips for your Curriculum Vitae
  • Tips for your Engagement Letter
  • Being Prepared for a Daubert Challenge During Voir Dire
  • Dealing with Subpoenas and Notices of Deposition
  • Answering Questions at Deposition
  • Direct and Cross Examination Testimony
  • Personal Aspects of Testimony
  • Things to NOT Do During Testimony
  • Things to Beware of During Testimony

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